It’s Time To Move

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown the City You Call Home

I’ve noticed a lot of people lately (myself included) are starting to feel tied down by their current city, and have started itching for a way out. With that being said, I want to take a moment to talk about what happens when you live somewhere for an extended period of time.

I’m usually a huge advocate for constantly discovering new places, and never staying in the same place for too long. It’s a great way to discover new things about yourself and it constantly forces you to grow out of your comfort zone. On the other hand, when you have the right attitude and a relentless spirit for adventure you can still continue to discover new things about yourself even if you are staying in the same place.

Despite that, there is still such thing as staying in one place for too long and there are some undeniable signs that need to be recognized to know when this does happen. It’s pretty common for people to live in or near a city they grew up in, went to for university at or moved to due to a family member or significant other’s new job. It’s also safe to say that no matter the situation, you’ve most likely grown to call this place home.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which situation led you to the city you’re in because chances are sooner or later you’re going to find yourself ready for a change of scenery. So how do you know when you’ve really outgrown the city you’ve grown to call home?

Here are 5 Signs It’s Time to Move


 1. Things You Once Loved Now Annoy You

When we first move to a city, all the little nuances about the city are fresh and exciting. All these things seem so great, what could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing…yet.

It’s inevitable that certain things about your city or your living situation will begin to annoy you over time. Maybe your roommate isn’t as clean as you thought, or maybe you’re living below neighbors who have been determined to be of ogre descent based on how loud they are. After a while, these things begin to wear you down and when escalated they can really take a toll on your overall mental health and happiness.

If it gets to the point where you purposely spend as little time as possible at home, it’s time to move.

 2. You Don’t Ever Feel Like Going Out in Your City Anymore

Going out to eat and hang out at the bars was so exciting when you first moved in. So many new places to eat, and so many cool new people to meet. You probably never thought it would get old.

But after you’ve eaten everything at every restaurant, drank at every bar and start seeing the same people you’re trying to avoid all the time it’s not so fun anymore, is it? You can try going to other cities nearby but it’s not as convenient and you inevitably end up spending more money.

Safe to say that when the food becomes dull and the faces too familiar, it’s time to move.

 3. Your Job Has Really Started Dragging you Down

When your home life and your work life begin falling apart, something has to change. It doesn’t matter if it’s a career job or a job for the time being, when you work anywhere for too long it get’s old and naturally, you begin to look for something else.

It’s especially important to take your own happiness and well being into consideration when this situation arises. If you’re waking up in the morning hating life at home and wishing you didn’t have to go to work, your chances of falling into a rut of wasted energy and increased sadness are extremely high.

So, with that in mind it’s definitely time to move.

 4. The Vibe of the City Doesn’t Feel The Same Anymore

After a while, maybe there’s something about where you live that has you feeling a bit off. You can’t put your finger on it at first, but over time you begin to feel something that is causing an increasing sensation of discomfort. Sometimes it comes from the vibe of the people around you, other times from personal experiences within the city itself.

Whether you consciously recognize it or not, every city has it’s own vibe. It has an unspoken effect on how we feel whenever we’re out and about. Looking at it bluntly it can be summed up in how safe you feel walking around at night or how comfortable you feel hanging out at certain places.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re not feeling positive vibes in the place you’re at then it’s time to move.

 5. You’ve Started Feeling Increasingly More Alone

This is the most important sign in my opinion. Being comfortable with who you are and being able to be alone is great, but realistically it’s something that we all struggle with. One way to overcome this is by challenging yourself to live outside your comfort zone, but it’s not for everyone.

If you find yourself feeling increasingly more alone and it starts to have a negative effect on your overall outlook on life and your purpose then you need to act fast to stop that feeling from taking over. Truth is, we’re never really alone and you’re only as lonely as you allow yourself to feel.

If the city you’re living in and the people you’re surrounded by in it have you feeling trapped in loneliness then it’s time to move.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that your own personal happiness is what matters most. Where we live, who we’re surrounded by and what we’re doing on a daily basis plays in to this happiness, and these are all things that we have complete and total control over.

It shouldn’t take all 5 of these signs coinciding to make you realize that it’s time to move, but if it does then that’s ok too. Like I said, you’re always in control over the situation that you’re in both mentally and physically. Just remember to stay positive, follow your gut and you’ll be ok.

At the end of the day, we all have to keep moving.


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