Wanderlust Redefined

What is Wanderlust?

Whenever you go somewhere, whether it’s for a short visit or to live for an extended period of time, do you ever return home feeling like something is missing?

Sometimes it’s a slight feeling of a forgotten item – you keep double, triple, quadruple checking for something that you know you grabbed. Other times it’s something much heavier – you travel the whole way home with a heavy heart wishing you would have missed your flight and stayed just one more day. Either way, this feeling is real and it’s something you have to come to terms with before you can return to your “normal” everyday life.

Throughout my life, I’ve frequently found myself in this situation. It might be due to the fact that I’ve been traveling since I was born or the fact that I never really felt rooted in my home state, but I like to think that it’s because a part of me stays where ever my soul feels like it belongs.wanderlust

I’ve traveled to a number of places where I’ve instantly felt like I belonged there and from my experience, this unspoken sensation fills your entire body with happiness. For the first time, you become immersed in a state of euphoria. While experiencing this state, a sub-concious connection pulls you in and convinces you that you’ll never leave this place or this feeling behind. But eventually, you do have to leave.

So when the time comes to leave this newly familiar place behind, you begin feeling something you maybe haven’t felt before. I’ve come to find that in the process of finding yourself, you inevitably end up losing little bits and pieces to the places that make you feel complete. You then become destined to spend the rest of your life searching for ways to get back to these places, back to the pieces, that make you feel whole again. This process of finding yourself just to get lost in a constant craving for adventure  is what creates wanderlust and in my eyes, it truly is a beautiful thing.

If you’re lucky enough to have experienced this process, don’t ever take it for granted. Everyone isn’t as lucky as you are to know what it’s like to feel whole in places you weren’t legally born.  Even though there are times where the need to find these missing pieces may cause your heart to yearn for moments that have passed, you should know you’re strong enough to embrace this pain and use it to get back to where you know your heart belongs.


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