Top 5 Things People from LA Hate

Things Everyone From Los Angeles Hates

As a travel addict, I’ve found it’s much easier to write about all the new places that I travel to than to draw from my personal experiences from the places where I’ve lived my whole life (Southern California to be exact). But now that I’ve been back in the Los Angeles area for about a month now, inspiration has struck in the form of some light-hearted humor.

Anyone who’s ever been to a big city knows that overcrowding is always an issue, but it seems to have an overwhelming affect on the inhabitants of Los Angeles. And while the City of Angels is known internationally as one of the must-see cities in all the land, there are some things all of the locals could live without. That’s where this post comes in. Presenting, the top five top five things people from LA hate.


1. Freeways – Doesn’t matter if it’s the 405, the 5, the 605, the 101 or one of the thousand other freeways that run through the city, they all suck. If you’veĀ ever asked someone from LA how long it takes to get somewhere the answer you’ll get 99% of the time is, “about 20 minutes without traffic.” Spoiler alert – there’s always traffic and it’s probably going to take you closer to an hour to get just about anywhere. And rush hour? Don’t even get me started. To be frank, it’s a living hell and something you wouldn’t wish upon your worse enemy.


2. Tourists – They’re pasty white, loaded down with sh*t, smell heavily of sunscreen and most likely obnoxious. When you’re a local, a tourist is easily identified and avoided at all costs. We don’t want to give you directions or be told how lucky we are to live here. That’s what google was made for. And if you’re a beach tourist, just a word to the wise – we can see all the new stuff you just bought from the store across the street from, a mile away.


3. Rain – Even though we’re in a drought and everyone knows we badly need the rain, anytime it rains everyone looses their minds. Traffic is worse than usual (yes, it’s possible) and numerous places throughout the city become flooded. Simply put, LA is not built for the rain so the people aren’t either.


4. LAX – The dreaded Los Angeles airport. Anyone from LA will immediately express their disgust with LAX upon hearing the name. If it can be avoided, it will be. And don’t ask us to pick you up from it either because we won’t even think about it unless we really like you because we’ll most likely sit through an hour of traffic to get there (revisit reason #1 if confused).


5. People who drive the speed limit – When they’re not stuck in traffic, everyone in LA drives insanely fast so anyone who even thinks about driving the speed limit should move aside. Oh and don’t even think about going 75 in the fast lane, you will be passed and given the finger. Basically, everyone takes the posted speed limit as a light suggestion. AKA we laugh at 65, and 25 in residentials? Forget about it.

weather-stays-same-memeBut hey, on the bright side the weather’s great all-year round. So we shouldn’t really have any reason to complain at all.


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