You Can Plan a Pretty Picnic, But You Can’t Predict the Weather

How To Plan For Weather When You Travel

As a SoCal local, I’ve had to learn the hard way that how you plan for weather can either make or break your trip. After two tough trips of battling unruly weather I finally learned to pack for the weather that’s predicted, not the weather you want. While battling the weather was a (comical) learning experience, it did put a damper on all the plans I had for adventures in the sun. So instead of just telling you how to be more prepared, I’m going to share with you my experiences so that you can laugh at my pain and (hopefully) avoid my amateur mistakes.

1962795_817674948246811_1231279445_nThe first time my planning went wrong: a group trip to Morocco. It never rains in the desert right? wrong. Just when we thought that going to Africa would prove to be one of our hottest trips yet, a storm rolled in and took us for a whirlwind adventure. Our weather apps were showing rain (for the most part) but we still had our hearts set on sunshine nonetheless. So we all packed our flowy pants, sheer tops and a light jacket (I think I even packed a bathing suit in hopes of going for a swim). We spent the whole weekend soaking wet and cold while sharing two umbrellas that some girls had offered to let us share. While we definitely did our best to not let this awful weather ruin our trip, looking back it’s very obvious that we would have enjoyed the rain had we been more prepared. After this trip, we all took a vow to listen to our weather app and always be prepared for what’s predicted whether we like it or not.

The second time my planning went wrong: a girls trip to Portugal. We were all tired of the rainy cold weather that hovered over Barcelona, so we decided to take a trip to Costa Caparica in DSC01687Portugal. Little did we know (due to lack of research and over-excitement to be beachside) that it’s not beach season in Portugal until July – we went in March. It was a traveling rookie move at its finest! We arrived, ready to beach, only to find that everything was closed, the beach was covered in seaweed and the rain and wind were un-relentless! After 24 hours we decided that this trip wasn’t going to get better unless we did something about it, so we did. We booked a hostel in Lisbon, cancelled our hotel reservation and took a cab to the docks to grab the first ferry out of there! After that, the weather was still cold and rainy but we got out there and saw the beautiful city of Lisbon and were able to salvage our trip.

After these trips I can proudly say that now, whenever I start planning a trip to somewhere new, I always research the weather patterns before deciding what time of the year I want to visit. I also make it a point to check the weather regularly during the two weeks leading up to my trip and I pack for both warm and cold weather just to be sure I’m not caught off guard. Hopefully, with these stories and my advice in mind you’ll never have to endure a trip without the proper clothing!


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