TBT – The Best Souvenirs Money Can’t Buy

Affordable Souvenir Ideas for Traveling on  a Budget

In honor of the ever popular “Throwback Thursday,” I’ve decided to do a post about one of my favorite parts of any trip, SOUVENIRS (or as my friends like to call them souvies). In essence, they’re the best throwbacks out there.
During my time abroad, I found, that my favorite souvenirs came from my experiences, rather than a gift shop.

My favorite free souvenirs include:
– Wrist bands from events/club I went to…

    • I can still look at these wristbands and remember all the amazing memories that happened that night, or at that place in general. My two favorite wristbands are from two different events I went to with some very special people. Every time I look at them I’m still flooded with emotions from those nights, and I can’t help but smile.

– Cards from restaurants I ate at…

    •  I found that, in Spain, every restaurant or bar has a little card with their name on it. Whenever I ate out (which let’s be honest, was often) and I enjoyed the food, the company, or simply the decor of the place I would take a card. Then, on the back of that card I would write a memory, a date, or the name of the person I ate with.

– Tickets from places I went to…

    • Airplane ticket stubs, museum tickets, basically any cool place I went to that I needed a ticket to see was saved. It’s not only proof that it happened, but it’s a memory in itself. I can still remember the excitement I felt handing my plane ticket to a flight attendant as I boarded my flight to an unforgettable weekend.

– Pictures…

    • I put this one last because it’s (hopefully) the most obvious. Pictures are the best way to make sure you never forget all the amazing things you saw. PS: Don’t be afraid to be “that tourist” taking pictures everywhere you go.

There’s many different ways that these free memories can be compiled. So, when I returned, I decided to put all of these things on a board (pictured) so that I am reminded everyday of the memories I made on my once in a life time trip. I’ve also glued some things into my travel journal and written down some of the moments from the day that they are from. You could also put together a pretty amazing scrapbook.

Whatever you decide to do just make sure you do something that’s going to help you remember. Because whatever souvenir it may be, store bought or not, they really give your memories character and insures that they don’t fade.


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