My Favorite Things to do in San Diego

Things to do in San Diego, California

I’ve lived in San Diego for almost 4 years now, and in that time I’ve done a lot of exploring. I’ve found that San Diego has a lot to offer, there’s something for everyone here. But since I can’t tell you everything you need to know, I’ve decided to share with you what I’ve learned over the years by telling you about my favorite things to do in the city that’s always sunny.

1. Watch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs
Sunset Cliffs

Probably the best place to watch a sunset in all of San Diego. Simply take the 8 until it turns into Sunset Cliffs Blvd and stay on that road until you hit the seaside. This place never disappoints and I guarantee it will take your breath away. I’ve been here more times than I can count and my reaction is still always the same as it was the first time, complete and utter awe.


2. Spend the day in Pacific Beach
Shark Bait

Take a walk down Garnet Avenue and you’ll encounter some of the best shops, restaurants and bars all in one place. It’s your typical laid-back beach city with a college area twist. During the day you can relax on the beach, go on a bike ride down the bike path that surrounds the coast, or go to a variety of different shops. Then at night explore the array of great bars and restaurants.

Tip from a local: Be sure to stop into Duck Dive to try one of the many locally brewed craft beers that SD has to offer. If you go on Tuesday you can get a pint for $5.


3. Enjoy a Margarita in Old Town San Diego
Old Town

If you want to experience a little taste of Mexico without actually having to cross the border, then Old Town San Diego is the place for you. This part of SD is commonly overlooked, but has a lot to offer. In the “Tienda de Reyes” you can see some authentic art and eat the best Mexican food SD has to offer. Or take a walk around the historic district to see what SD was like in the old days when dirt roads were still around. There’s so much history packed into this little area it’s a shame it’s not more popular.

4. Take a walk through Balboa Park

Ranked as one of the best parks in the world, Balboa has a variety of different attractions. My favorite area is the Spanish Village art center. It’s home to some of the best local artists of all different mediums. There’s so much to do here that you’ll need more than one day to see it all. From lily ponds, to museums and even live theater performances there’s a little bit of something for everyone in Balboa. For a complete list of things to do click here.



5. Hike Cowles Mountain

If you’re looking to gain a different perspective on San Diego, make the daring climb up Cowles Mountain. It’s a tough hike, but the end view is so worth it. There’s a bunch of different trail options, but the one to the top is obviously the best. For directions and more information click here.


These are my favorite things to do, What are yours?!


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