A Complete Guide to Barcelona Night Life

Where To Party in Barcelona, Spain

After living and partying in Barcelona for 5 months I have not only mastered the club scene, but I have become somewhat of a local celebrity (not trying to toot my own horn, but if you saw you would agree). So if you’re ever in Barcelona I have something you can do every night of the week – trust me follow this guide and you will have the time of your life.

Club Recommendations

Monday – Shoko Kiss Kiss Bang Bang free before 2am with Aashi List or MJ Barcelona. Girls get free drinks before 1:30am. What makes this so great? The free drinks. Every half hour if you go to the bar and find someone to kiss you get a free shot, tongue gets you a free drink. Guaranteed good time even if you’re a guy.

Tuesday – CDLC Never Tell Your Boyfriend free before 2am with Aashi list or MJ Barcelona. Girls if you message Aashi or MJ a few days before you can get guest listed for a free dinner, but be warned you will black out. The waiters have this great way of keeping your wine glass filled to the brim throughout the entire dinner. On the plus side the food is usually really good considering it’s free. Also, the resident DJ on this night is AMAZING he’s by far my favorite resident DJ, and always plays good music.

Wednesday – EPIC at Bouji’s free before 2am with MJ Barcelona. You can also head over to Sutton or Otto Zutz on Wednesday these three inland clubs are all located walking distance from one another. Bouji’s has a free dinner, the food isn’t great but you get a lot of free wine. Out of all three Otto Zutz is the most casual so if you’re planning on going to Bouji’s or Sutton dress to impress. Also, Bouji’s closes early (4am) but has a partnership with a local club, KER, that you can get into for free – just say you were at Bouji’s and you’re good to go for a few more hours.

Thursday – Bling Bling free before 3am with Aashi List or Fuck Promoters at Sutton use “We Love Lists” to get in free before 2am. If you go to Bling Bling before 1:30 you get a free drink and there’s a chocolate fountain. Bling Bling usually doesn’t disappoint and the best part is that if it does you can walk across the street and go to Sutton. Both have 2 rooms with 2 different DJs, I prefer Bling Bling because it has a good hip-hop room.

Friday – Opium free before 2am with Aashi List I recommend going a little early if you want to make it to the door by 2 the queue is usually long on the weekends. Opium is by far the most touristy club but it’s something you must experience if you get the chance. Music is not my favorite – it’s all top 40 shit and usually the same set every week but if you’re drunk you’ll dance. This club has the strictest security by far, especially if you’re a guy. Look nice and you’ll be fine.

Saturday – Razzmatazz no guest list so you have to pay the cover charge usually between 12-15 euro and it includes a drink. This place is nothing like I have ever seen. The best description I can give is imagine a massive warehouse that’s been converted into a multi-story club. There’s about 7 or 8 different rooms with all different music. The crowd is very local – watch out for pickpockets here! It’s very casual but if you’re lucky the music will be good in one of the rooms. Other Saturday options all include a cover charge but that will include a drink so if you’re willing to pay and want something a little more low-key than razz I recommend Jamboree. It’s a smaller club with lots of good music that isn’t EDM.

Club Attire

For the beach clubs (Opium, Shoko, CDLC) and also Sutton the dress code is strict.Guys – wear a button up shirt and nice shoes. You won’t get in wearing sneakers and a t-shirt. Girls – wear something nice and you’ll be fine, I also recommend heels if you’re looking to get pulled into the VIP section.For other clubs (Razzmatazz, Bling Bling, Jamboree) there’s no dress code. But a note for girls – Bling Bling will not let you in wearing sandals.

Sidebar– the clubs don’t open until 12am and don’t get crazy until 2 or 3 am so always SIESTA BEFORE FIESTA.
The best way to have an amazing time in Barcelona is to hit up a promoter before you come. If you talk to Aashi List Barcelona or MJ Barcelona they will hook you up when you come. What do I mean by that? VIP, Free Bottle Service, and if you tell them its your birthday you’ll get a cake. Pretty freakin’ epic if you ask me. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask away. But for now, go out there and make me proud!


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